oak grove carrollton infant room

Infant | 7 weeks to walking age

In August 2016 Oak Grove opened its first Nido classroom.  Infants in this program are provided nurturing interactions promoting bonding and engagement with the world.  Beyond this primary goal, opportunities to exercise motor and language development, as well as 'choice' is provided.  A serene, uncluttered space, replicating the home, gives our infants a calm, trusting place to discover varied surfaces as they gradually become mobile.  Throughout the Nido (the nest) all children will be free to observe and interact at their own developmental rate within predictable relationships and routines.  Parents are free to come and go to visit or feed their child throughout the day.

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Toddler 1 | 12 months to 24 months

Walking unassisted, this active age group is engulfed in a language rich, multi-sensory classroom.   Providing opportunities to foster motor planning and coordination, this environment is ever adapting to the developmental level of the child.  Large and small motor activities allow the Toddler One child to facilitate his or her preference for constant motion.   Evolution of decision making along with control of the body, the one-year-old begins to integrate routine expectations and basic directions.   When these begin to emerge, he'll move down the sidewalk to the Toddler Two or Three classroom to build on this sprouting skill.

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Toddler 2 | 18 months to 36 months

In these classrooms children are in a sensitive period for order and language. Both components will be supported through increased opportunities to exercise independence.   Learning to care for one's own needs, such as toileting and dressing, are skills emphasized at this level. Along with self-help and practical life skills, students have more complex work opportunities fostering longer periods of concentration. Around the age of three, confidence in communicating wants, needs, and feelings along with independence in toileting and a desire for more diverse social interactions, indicate the child is ready to move up to the Primary program.

oak grove montessori primary

Primary | 3-6 years old

With an emphasis on individual development, instruction in a Montessori program is most often one-on-one with occasional small and whole group lessons..  Students move through the curriculum at their own pace, based on their particular strengths, interests, and natural curiosity.     Looking in on a Primary classroom, you will find students in a variety of working arrangements other than desks.   Paired at a rug on the floor, standing at an easel, across a small table from a friend, or in a small group encircling a lesson.   As grounding tenets of the Montessori pedagogy, independence and responsibility are fostered continuously throughout each day as students make both work and social choices that are framed by expectations of responsibility, self-control, and courtesy.