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Toddler | 18 months to 36 months

Walking unassisted, this active age group is engulfed in a language rich, multi-sensory classroom. Providing opportunities to foster motor planning and coordination, this environment is ever adapting to the developmental level of the child. Large and small motor activities allow the Toddler child to facilitate their preference for constant motion. In these classrooms children are in a sensitive period for order and language. Both components will be supported through increased opportunities to exercise independence. Learning to care for one's own needs, such as toileting and dressing, are skills emphasized at this level. Along with self-help and practical life skills, students have more complex work opportunities fostering longer periods of concentration. Around the age of three, confidence in communicating wants, needs, and feelings along with independence in toileting and a desire for more diverse social interactions, indicate the child is ready to move up to the Primary program.

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